Dorothy in Wonderland Creative

Box office manager
Haley Bishop
Likes to paint sets, create costumes and props, and is a great stage ninja and manager.
Assistant box office manager
Jacosa Moyer
Loves to keep busy, paints, design, costume design, cleans up after others, and is usually the first one to get started!
Drama Tech
Elijah Choate
In addition to being an actor...great at creating props and solving stage challenges.
Drama Tech- Stage set-up
Zaida Harms
Enjoys painting and designing backdrops.
Drama Tech- Stage set-up
Elias Frankforter-Johnston
Works with building and designing moveable props.
Drama Tech- Stage set-up
John Harris
Will work on all aspects of the stage, and would love to design some special effects for our stage.
Drama Tech- Stage set-up
Austin Hinds
Builds and paints backdrops and props.
Drama Tech- Stage set-up
Jackson Hughes
Willing to do all stage tasks from design to sound.
Drama Tech- Stage set-up
Ari Johnston
Willing to do all jobs, painting, designing, sound, lights, and backstage support.
Junior Producer
Elle Leininger
Hardworking tech, painting building, designing, ticket site designer, and any job she is given!
Drama Tech- Actor
Charley Maranville
Also, a star of the show, takes on the jobs no one else wants, creates programs, marketing, creative costuming, and ticket sales.
Junior Producer
Montana Nusbaum
Stage design and build, paints, supports others, keeps the tools organized, takes part in all areas.
Drama Tech- Creative design
Elizabeth Roth
Creative, paints, designs, draws, programs, and adds her talent as a supporting actress.
Drama Tech- Creative design
Myka Smith
Very artistic, backdrop design, painting, research, backstage support, and supporting actress.
Drama Tech- Creative design
Morgan Swennes
Artistic designer, color coordinator, paints, and a supporting actress willing to fill in where needed.

Original Creative Team

Thank you to the new Drama Tech class for learning with the teacher!!  Sets, costumes and props never looked better!!