And Then There Were None Cast

Ethel Rogers (Pauline Cadelinia)
Pauline is a junior this year and enjoys playing volleyball, soccer and being a part of the cheerleading squad. She is also highly involved in our school’s music department in several of the singing and musical groups. She plays the violin, piano, clarinet and ukulele. Pauline is brand new to the stage, and is “excited to go through this whole experience and see this whole production come to life.” After high school, she plans to attend college to study nursing.
Vera Claythorne (Elizabeth Dorey)
Elizabeth is a senior and plans to attend Bob Jones University in the fall to pursue a degree in Music Education. After that, she would like to pursue her master’s degree in Composition. Elizabeth is heavily involved in our music program with singing, violin and percussion. She is also a member of the violin section in the Troy Metro Symphony Orchestra. She also enjoys composing and arranging music in her spare time. Her only previous acting experience was a pretty lengthy monologue in an elementary Christmas program. In regards to this production, Elizabeth says, “I am excited about acting, and am really looking forward to the final outcome of all of our hard work. It is super fun to work with my directors as they help me hone my acting skills. Also, I’m excited about getting to know my fellow actors better as we work to bring the play to life.”
Emily Brent (Madison Gamet)
Madison is a sophomore and is also a part of our yearbook staff. Madison had a part in a readers theatre in 7th grade for state competition, and really enjoys writing and performing skits with her 2 younger brothers. She has several plots saved for her free time! Madison desires to go to college to study nursing after she graduates. When asked about what she is most excited about with being a part of this production she said, “The experience so far has been extremely exciting!!! I’m so eager to see all of us improve our acting skills. I am looking forward to the performance!!!”
Fred Narracott (Logan Gies)
Logan is a freshman who has already had the opportunity to travel to 4 foreign countries! His previous stage experience was as Peter Rabbit in his kindergarten class play. Logan is part of our wrestling team, and after high school would like to become a pilot.
General Mackenzie (Mattheus Jimenez)
Mattheus is a freshman, and is also a part of the school choir. He has been involved in 4 different plays at a young age. An interesting fact about Mattheus is that he began reading at the age of 2! He is excited about “getting to know other students outside of [his class]” with being a part of this production.
Thomas Rogers (Cristian Maris)
Cristian is a junior who plans to join the military after high school. He has acted in a high school play as a fourth grader where his role was an Oompa Lumpa. He was also in a readers theatre in junior high for state competition. When not in school, Cristian does some landscaping work on the side. When asked about what he is most excited about with this production, he replied, “I get to do something cool.”
Dr. Armstrong (Moshe Pacheco)
Moshe is a freshman who has been in numerous plays at his church. He enjoys participating in band, choir, orchestra and is looking forward to playing baseball in the spring. He is excited to present his character to the audience in our production. After high school, he would like to attend law school and play college baseball.
Anthony Marston (Ethan Waters)
Ethan is a freshman who also enjoys being on all of our sports teams. After high school, he would like to pursue a career involved with sports. He has had a little stage experience with a part in an elementary Christmas program. An interesting fact about Ethan is that when he was young he got attacked by a dog, but it didn’t stop his love for dogs. Through this production, Ethan is most excited about making new friendships with people he doesn’t really know.
Sir Lawrence Wargrave (Matthew Weed)
Matthew is a junior. At his previous school, he acted in “Seussical” in the roles of Mr. Mayor and Vlad Vladikoff, “Fiddler on the Roof” as the Fiddler, and as Willy Wonka in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” He was also in a readers theatre in junior high for state competition. Matthew enjoys playing golf, boxing and being part of a pool club. After high school, he plans to take a year off for work, then attend a community college for his prerequisites. He then wants to transfer to either MSU or U of M to study chemistry. He would like to pursue a career in criminal justice and forensics. He has a strong interest in the law and how things are done justly. With this production, he is looking forward to “being on set with the rest of the cast, and working together with them.”
William Blore (Nathan Wesoloski)
Nathan is a junior and is involved in vocal and percussion ensembles, as well as playing baseball and wrestling. He is brand new to the stage and is excited for this opportunity to help conquer his stage fright! After high school, he plans to get a degree in either biology or zoology and minor in theatre.
Phillip Lombard (Matthew Wise)
Matthew is a sophomore who has had some experience acting in a readers theatre and performing a humorous solo for state competition. He plans to go to college after graduation, but is unsure of the path he would like to take. He really enjoys math. He is happy about the experience the play will give him for later in life.