The Addams Family – A New Musical Cast

Gomez  (Carson Canales)
Carson Canales is a 5 year member of the show choir with 4 years as a singer dancer and 1 year as a member of Showchoir Tech crew. Carson has also been in the Musicals "Annie", "The Music Man", and "The Little Mermaid". Carson plans on serving in the Army National Guard after high school and later attending College.
Morticia (Claire Nelson)
Claire Nelson has been in the Brave Generation Showchoir for 3 years and was Flotsam in “The Little Mermaid”. Her plans after high school are to study music production and radio at University of Cincinnati😊
Wednesday (Vivian Mendez)
Vivian Mendez is a junior member of the Brave Generation and the Bellmont Band of Braves. She was last seen as Ursula in “The Little Mermaid” and Dani in “Popstar”. Vivian has also been a in the Civic Theatre’s Youth Choir and was a cast member in the Bellmont Radio Play last fall.
Pugsley (Adisyne Hensel)
Adisyne Hensel is the daughter of Damian and Kelly Everett. She is a sophomore member of the Brave Generation and has been a part of the musicals for 4 years. Adi has also competed in Decatur’s Most Talented.
Fester (Isaac Knudsen)
Isaac Knudsen is a senior and has been in show choir for four years and the musicals for five. He has been in four total productions, “Annie”, “The Music Man”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “Les Miserables”. Isaac plans on studying musical theater in college and moving to New York after to pursue a career with no stability! So if you ever visit New York and see him with the pigeons just know he made friends!
Grandma (Kimberly Allmon)
Kimberly Allmon is a sophomore participating in her 2nd musical. She was a member of the ensemble in last year’s The Little Mermaid. Kimberly is also a singer/dancer in the Brave Generation and was a part of the fall plays the past 2 years.
Lurch (Paul Morgan)
Paul Morgan is an 8th grader who is now in his 4th musical. He started in 4th grade as an ensemble member of “Mary Poppins”. He was also in “Annie” and was last seen as Flounder in “The Little Mermaid”. Paul is also a member of the BMS swim team.
Mal Beineke (Xavier Cornett)
Xavier Cornett is a freshman making his musical debut. In his free time, he enjoys video games.
Alice Beineke (Sophia Fisher)
Sophia Fisher is a sophomore member of the Brave Generation and is making her musical debut in the Addams Family. She would like to attend Belmont University in Nashville, TN to major in Music Technology.
Lucas Beineke (Brett Johnson)
Brett Johnson is a senior member of the Brave Generation this year. He enjoys participating in BG’s and the musical as well as running for cross country and track and field. Brett is also a state officer for the Technology Student Association and a member of NHS. His post high school plans are to pursue a career in the U.S Airforce as well as pursue a medical degree in Anesthesiology.
Ancestor--Saloon Girl (Mia Vrablic)
Mia Vrablic is a junior member of the Brave Generation and has been in 4 musicals: “Mary Poppins”, “Annie”, “The Music Man”, and “The Little Mermaid”. She has also been a part of the fall plays. Mia plans on going out of the country or state for college to major in music, and then get her pilots license to become an airline pilot.
Ancestor--Flight Attendant (Addie Wagner)
Addie Wagner is a sophomore member of the Brave Generation and has been a part of 3 theatre productions, "Mary Poppins", "Annie", and "The Little Mermaid". She has also competed in ISSMA for 5 years and was a part of the Fort Wayne Children's Choir for 2 years.
Ancestor--Courtesan (Leyna Macke)
Leyna Macke is a Junior. She has been in showchoir for two years and has been in plays and musicals in her three years of high school. Past productions include Popstar (2019), The Little Mermaid (2020-21), Halloween Radio Play (2020), Les Misérables (2021), and Crazytown (2021). Leyna’s future plans are to major in musical theater and she hopes to one day have her very own park bench in New York😊
Ancestor--Puritan (Maci Bennett)
Maci Bennett is a Bellmont Junior who enjoys music production, and the arts. She is a part of the Brave Generation Show Choir, and has participated in Honor Choir, along with 3 years of Solo and Ensemble.
Ancestor--Indian (Karly Teeter)
Karly Teeter is a sophomore and has been in “Annie” as Molly, “The Music Man” as Ensemble, and “The Little Mermaid” as Atina. She also does softball, cross country, cheerleading, diving, and dance. Karly likes to spend her free time watching Netflix and playing with her kitten.
Ancestor--Bride (Sophia Lopez)
Sophia Lopez is a freshman member of showchoir and making her 1st appearance in a musical. Sophia also sang in the ISSMA contest for the 1st time this year and received a Gold medal.
Ancestor--Conquistador (Aaron Burnside)
Aaron Burnside is a sophomore at Bellmont High School. This is his first musical, but he was part of the Crazytown cast. Aaron is part of the Brave Generation show choir and plans to participate in theatre for the rest of his high school career.
Ancestor--Caveman (Gage Winchester)
Gage Winchester is a 5th grade student and making his stage debut. He is a very outgoing person and is enjoying being a part of the musical and getting to know the high school students!
Ancestor--Gambler (TJ Willoughby)
TJ Willoughby is a 7th grade student participating in his 2nd musical. He was a sea creature and lagoon animal in last year’s The Little Mermaid. TJ also sings with his church choir.
Ancestor--Soldier (Frank Morgan)
Frank Morgan is a 6th grade student making his 2nd appearance in a BHS production. He started as the Dog Catcher in “Annie”. Frank loves history and learning about the military. He also participates on the BMS swim team.
Ancestor Ensemble (High School)
Kenzy Ayers, Savannah Bills, Annabelle Norman, Jalynn Pritchard, and Raven Shaw
Ancestor Ensemble (Middle School)
Nancy Anderson, Aamaya Brewer, Zoie Cornett, Renae Huser, Harper Kuck, Alyvia Loshe, Hannah McCormick, Katie Meyer, Kaley Miller, Cassie Mowery, Grace Mowery , Allison Phegley, Nevaeh Pritchard, Adisyn Radecki, Carmen Schmidt, Johnathan Thompson, Carter Willoughby