Join us for a night of short films
Produced by Ashland Community Theater LLC in conjunction with WACA TV Ashland.

Come see these delightful short films:

“It’s Your Move” 
Starring Melanie Blodgett-O’Toole, Chris Erath, Alessandra Horton and Larry Loring.  
Co-Starring Karen Gates. 
Written and Directed by Joe White.
Chess isn’t the only thing being played in this story about going in for the kill.

“Luke Meets Charlene at a Really Nice Bar” 
Starring Cindy Bell and George Smith.  
Written by Christopher Lockheardt.   Directed by Larry Loring.
A woman tries to bring some life into her 20+ year marriage.

“The Last Patient”  
Starring Candra Baizan, Joe White and Deb LeClair. 
Story by Terri Morse.  Screenplay adaptation and Directed by Joe White.
A Doctor’s last patient of the day gives him a much-needed dose of reality.

“Party Time” 
Starring Sean Gauthier and Maxwell Ofosu. 
Written and Directed by Joe White
Two brothers share memories from the past while dealing the death of a parent 

"Rat Trap"
Starring Bill Novakowski, Dan Murphy. 
Co-Starring Jacobite Mcfee. 
Witten and Directed by Larry Loring.
Two veterans of past wars reveal how war has impacted them differently, but the same.

The Last Words of Lord Carrington” 
Starring David Hopcroft, Lorraine Hruska and Anne Ruttencutter.  
Written by Christopher Lockheardt.   Directed by Larry Loring.
A man wants his last words to be memorialized forever.

“Your Kiss is on My List”
Starring Candra Baizan and Dan Murphy. 
Written by Christopher Lockheardt.  Directed by Joe White
A young woman compiles a unique list as she waits for a train. 

Ashland Community Theater LLC


Ashland Community Theater's ------ MISSION STATEMENT


Be an open group that accepts and welcomes all people who are interested in being part of Theater, Film and Community.

​Produce two quality theater productions per year that entertain, enrich, and educate Ashland, MA and its surrounding communities

Partner with WACA-TV to produce film and video projects that that entertain, enrich, and educate Ashland, MA and its  surrounding communities

Afford an opportunity for adults and teens interested in acting, directing, writing, and stage work

Encourage the creation of original material revolving around social issues and values pertinent to our lives and community

Provide a creative outlet for community building and involvement