About One-Act Play Festival


Directed by Chris Cartwright

The Happy Journey from Trenton to Camden is a microcosm of the mundane nature of life.  And yet that which is mundane is extremely important.  We are all given but one life to live and how we treat our precious few moments defines who we are and what kind of legacy we will leave.  This play wrestled with the difficulty of living even after a precious life has been lost and putting hope in something bigger than ourselves. The format of a bare stage allows the actors to become the sole focal point and increases the importance of their characterisation.  We each live through moments like these but do we appreciate them?  Hopefully the cast will bring life, hope and meaning to the mundane nature of a short car trip, thereby causing the audience to relish the mundane moments of their own lives with which they have been blessed.

 The Happy Journey from Trenton to Camden by Thornton Wilder is presented through special arrangement with Concord Theatricals.



Directed by Garney Johnson

Riverside Drive is a comedic one act full of intrigue and lunacy. A successful writer struggles with an important decision and the last thing he needs is an intimidating stranger with a questionable grasp on reality interrupting him with delusions and veiled threats. Riverside  Drive's Fresd Savage, a homicidal, paranoid, schizophrenic vagrant ex-copywriter, has been stalking a screenwriter for weeks, convinced that his prey stole his idea - in fact- his life- to create a successful movie plot. The play finds humor in uncomfortable situations as laughter is one of the best ways to relieve tension. 

Riverside Drive by Woody Allen is presented through special arrangement with Concord Theatricals.



Directed by Tony Korol-Evans

William Shakespeare’s female characters rarely get to speak their minds about their true feelings. In Bruce Kane’s The Real Problem, five of Shakespeare’s women finally get the chance to take center stage and spill some mead about how they really feel about the men Shakespeare wrote for them. Taking place in The Cauldron – a pub and coffee shop – this face-paced comedy provides an opportunity for five amazing and diverse actresses to take on the personas of Shakespeare’s women and bring the 16th century into the 21st. While Anne Boleyn is still outspoken, Desdemona loyal, Hecate prophetic, Juliet sweet, and Kate brazen, the ability to freely speak their minds to other women, seek advice, and provide guidance is comedically nuanced in this piece. From dramatic entrances and exits to the final monologue, audience members will be taken on a tour of what is really on the minds of some of Shakespeare’s most famous women.

The Real Problem by Bruce Kane is presented through special permission by playwright Bruce Kane.



An original monologue by Wayne Creed

The piece is adapted from the title story of his upcoming book. Given the title, there is an ambiguity woven into the story that is churning within the characters—inside the criminal endeavor. iIs there still the possibility for love, faith, and redemption? Can a person escape their history, family, the world they are born into, and truly find grace?

Arts Enter Cape Charles, Inc.

Arts Enter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with over two decades of service to the Cape Charles and lower Northampton County community on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. Our mission is to provide fine and performing arts education and programming to our community.

Arts Enter began as a dream, when Clelia Sheppard and a small group of art enthusiasts formed the non-profit. Under the direction of London-born actress and playwright, Sheila Mullin Cardano, Arts Enters' theatre season flourished with memorable productions such as Magia and Piece of Eden. The Historic Palace Theatre, located in the heart of our coastal, victorian railroad town and in a state of disrepair, was purchased by the non-profit in 1998 and the arduous task of restoration began. The Stage Door Gallery opened in 2007, the only art gallery in Cape Charles at the time.  In 2016, the space was converted to Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio and continues to showcase local, national and international art.

​With an ever-expanding classroom, Arts Enter partnered with local public schools thanks to the 21st Century and No Child Left Behind grants; later programs developed at the Cape Charles Christian School. Local students came by the busloads for private, day-time performances as much anticipated field trips, nurturing new artists and art appreciators. 

​A pivotal moment in Arts Enter history was the prestigious Our Town grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, from which emerged the Harbor for the Arts Festival and Experimental Film Virginia. Arts Enter works closely with Experimental Film Virginia.