Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Cast

Rachel Haley (Rosencrantz)
Mira O'Barr (Guildenstern)
Sophia Escudero (The Player)
Quinn Miller-Wuest (Alfred)
Antares Lucas (Hamlet)
Rhiannon Norvell (Claudius and Tragedian King)
Hannah Davis (Gertrude and Tragedian Queen)
Eliza Haley (Polonius and Tragedian Aide)
Zoey Clark (Soldier and Tragedian)
Fiona Seibert (Horatio and Tragedian)
Lydia Gomes (Ophelia and Tragedian)
Izzy Knife (Court and Tragedian)
Ayla Stebbins (Court and Tragedian)
Allie Sanchez (Court and Tragedian)