About Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Acclaimed as a modern dramatic masterpiece, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, is Tom Stoppard's fabulously inventive tale of Hamlet as told from the worm's-eye view of the bewildered Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two minor characters in Shakespeare's play.  In Tom Stoppard's best-known work, this Shakespearean Laurel and Hardy finally get a chance to take the lead role, but do so in a world where echoes of Waiting for Godot resound, where reality and illusion intermix, and where fate leads our two heroes to a tragic but inevitable end.  Follow Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as they ramble philosophically about mortality and life's purpose while searching for meaning in a world without any.  


WINNER! Tony® Award for Best Play

WINNER! NY Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Play


"Very funny, very brilliant, very chilling; it has the dust of thought about it and the particles glitter excitingly in the theatrical air. " - The New York Times

"A stimulating, funny, imaginative comedy." - The New York Daily News

About the Arcata Arts Institute

The Arcata Arts Institute offers a unique balance of tradition and innovation. liberal arts and visual arts, technology and touch, fine art and design. The Institute community is committed to expanding boundaries and vision through rigorous study.

What Makes us Unique?

• Pre-Professional Arts Program
AAI provides a teaching staff of professionals in the arts strands and classes that prepare students for advanced education and career paths.
• School-to-Career Emphasis
AAI classes are designed to provide students with exposure to the world of working artists.
• The AAI Academic Program
Students who are accepted into the AAI will take their academic subjects at Arcata High School. Students have two academic options. As a first option, students may take any academic courses offered at AHS, including exemplary Advanced Placement programs. AHS is the top academic school in Humboldt County in SAT, AP scores, and STAR testing.

School Design

The AAI program is for students in grades 10-12 who are dedicated to the arts. The program includes:

• workshops and intensives both during and after the regular school day with artist teachers who are professionals in their arts related fields
• a day which is structured so that a student takes core academic subjects within AHS in the morning and then has an uninterrupted afternoon for both AAI classes

• an admissions process which selects for a total commitment
• teachers who directly serve as counselors and mentors for each student
• a periodic performance assessment by a jury of teachers and professionals as a condition for continuation in the program
• innovative seminars and speakers in career exploration
• regular performances, exhibits, and publications in the community
• extra-curricular plays, musicals, and performing groups
• internships and job-shadowing experiences

AAI also has a ‘sister’ program,  the Innovative Design Institute. Also known as IDI, this program is focused on integrating STEAM  (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) and CTE (Career Technical Education) through the lens of art and design. This program, like AAI, is focused on preparing students for future industry positions.