You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Revised) Cast

Charlie Brown (Stephen Grata)
Nothing special. Just your average brown haired theater kid.
Lucy Van Pelt (Zoe Irving)
Zoe Irving is a senior at Andrean High School and this is her 8th show! She is addicted to horror movies, your mom, her cat Loki, and rewatching American Horror Story. When Zoe graduates, she will be attending Illinois State University for Theatre Teacher Education!
Sally Brown (Gaby Thorn)
This is my first show with the awesome Andrean theater! It has been so amazing to meet new friends through this wonderful experience. I am so excited that we can present all the cast and crew’s hard work; enjoy the show!
Schroeder (Kaden Ford)
Theatre was a way to expression me being me. Acting is thrilling, exciting, and mostly important I’m not judged for it.
Snoopy (Gianna Coduti)
I'm a senior and this is my 6th show at Andrean. I've watched 5 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in 3 weeks. I'm overly emotionally attached to my cat, Ares.
Linus Van Pelt (Aidan Conley)
This is my 3rd and favorite show so far. I have had a blast getting to better know everyone and grow along the way! I try my best, and most of the time, it's enough! I hope you enjoy our show!
Schroeder/ Sally Understudy (Eleanor Nohos)
This is my third show at Andrean. It’s most definitely been an interesting ride but I’ve loved every second of it! I’m so excited for everyone to see the show!!
Snoopy Understudy (Kennedy Heath)
I’m three raccoons stuffed in nice business suit, take with that what you will
Lucy Understudy (Meg Moberly)
I have always watched Andrean productions and always thought that it was what I wanted to do. I have never done theatre before and the Andrean Theatre Company has made me fall in love with it.