Written and directed by playwright Percy W. Thomas, this is a compelling story about a controversial issue that's prevalent in Black America?  Sellout examines why some Black men betray their race as they seek to assimilate the white man's approach to power, influence, and money.

Amazing Theatre Company, Inc.

AmaZing Theatre believes that drama is a powerful medium for teaching and learning about the history and cultural nuances that are the foundation of African Americans.  

The Theatre's mission is to create performing arts opportunities of social significance for the Black/African American community. To ensure that our productions tell not only the Black/African American story, we partner with other ethnic groups to share and bring together a world view.  With this ideology the AmaZing Theatre contributes to community theater by:

  • supporting, educating, training and developing artists.
  • inspiring, producing, and assisting new playwrights.
  • fostering relationships in the community to increase diverse audience participation.
  • producing historical and socially relevant Black/African American plays.