About A Live Reading of A Christmas Carol: Fundraiser

The Alban Arts Center was within a breath of staging Charles Dickens' beloved "A Christmas Carol" for you, our audience. However, true to form, the Spirit of 2020 dashed our hard work, when our cast was exposed to COVID-19. Being careful of the safety of our artists, we chose to cancel. Thankfully, it did not spread. But we are unwilling to let the holiday season go by, unmarked, and now announce a very special Christmas Presentation as a fundraiser for the Alban. A live reading of the book "A Christmas Carol" will take place on Christmas Eve, at 8pm, read by members of the cast. This holiday masterpiece will follow Ebenezer Scrooge, from his stingy beginnings, as he finds redemption through the visions shared by the Spirits of Christmases Past, Present, and Future. Join us, as Scrooge discovers that his "business" should also include mankind and; "charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence". The gentle Bob Cratchit, little Tiny Tim, Belle, rascally Old Joe, and all the characters wish to share Christmas Eve with you. The book has not lost its good message in nearly 180 years, and continues to say, through happy times and sad, "God Bless Us, Every One!"

Alban Arts Center

The Alban Arts Center is a small arts organization in the heart of downtown St. Albans.  Located within the historic Alban Theater, originally built in 1938 as a movie house, the Alban Arts Center provides a wide array of artistic opportunities for St. Albans and the surrounding community within its intimate 225 seat theater.  Primarily focusing on the performing arts, the Alban produces 4-6 productions every year, in addition to hosting several other theatre companies and touring productions.  The Alban, as a small and energetic organization, can segue from large, family oriented casts to intimate and intense dramas in the course of their season; and even produces an annual Shakespeare in the Park at St. Albans City Park.  The Alban also hosts concerts, movies, and a variety of other performances throughout the year.

              In addition to producing and hosting theatrical productions the Alban Arts Center also houses the Alban Arts Academy, a twice yearly extra-curricular academy that has provided artistic education to the greater-metro area, since 2010.  Academy classes include Acting, Improv, Musical Theatre and much more.  All classes are taught by local artists, and over 1,000 students from 7 counties have traveled to St. Albans for their arts education needs.  Every spring and fall semester the Alban Arts Academy offers 15+ classes and awards scholarships to students that may need them.