Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood Cast

Madison Gaskins (Marian/Robin (Sherwood Cast), Set Design)
Madison is very excited to be a part of American Canyon High School’s Theater Production of Marian or the True Tale of Robin Hood. She was recently an ensemble member in the production of Newsies last spring. Madison is currently a sophomore at ACHS and enjoys participating in leadership, playing for the girls’ soccer team, and of course, doing theater! This is only her second year in drama, and her first year in Advanced Drama. Madison was inducted as a thespian this year and is honored to be a part of something so special like this production. She wants to thank her mom, dad, and brother for supporting and loving her unconditionally.
Celeste Harrison (Marian/Robin (Nottingham Cast), Sound & Lighting Design)
Celeste is very excited to take on her first lead role in a play. She is a part of the Advanced Drama and Musical Theatre classes, as well as a student tutor for Drama 1 and the Drama Club Director of Activities. Celeste starred in ACHS’s 21 Chump Street where she played Naomi and discovered her talent for singing. She and the rest of the cast had the opportunity to compete at the Lenaea High School Theatre Festival, where they won Bronze in the one-act category. She was also in ACHS’s Newsies as Morris Delancey and the understudy for Medda Larkin, and was a part of ACHS’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime as a props crew member and sound technician. Outside of Drama, Celeste is on the Girl’s Varsity Golf team and is the president of the ACHS Black Student Union. She wants to thank Ms. Heartt for encouraging her to audition for Advanced Drama in the 11th grade, as she has discovered a love and passion for theater and can’t wait for more shows to come.
Lorraine Sophia Galvan (Alanna Dale (Sherwood Cast), Hair & Makeup Design Lead)
Lorraine Galvan is beyond excited to be a part of this production, Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood. She has recently been in 3 other productions, Newsies as Newsie, 21 Chump Street as Cousin, and A Rare Condition as a Stage Manager. In fact, she went to Lenaea and performed 21 Chump Street, even winning under Bronze. Lorraine joined the drama program when she was in 8th grade attending American Canyon Middle School and has continued on into her Freshman and Sophomore year. Lorraine is also involved in ACHS’s Dance Club as their Activities Director. Join Dance Club! Lorraine has always been a dancer/performer ever since she was young, it started off with ballet and jazz then turned to hip-hop continuously. In her leisure time, she likes to read, take naps after a long day at school/rehearsal/practice and loves talking with her friends. She wants to thank her family for always being there for her. But she wants to especially thank her Dad, Mom, and brother for always being her number 1 supporters.
Jayline Lazalde (Alanna Dale (Nottingham Cast), Properties Lead)
Jayline Is thrilled to play the part of Alanna in Marian or The True Tale of Robin Hood at American Canyon’s theatre program. Last year, she was involved in the fall play and spring musical as Judy's understudy for The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time and a Newsie in Newsies. This is Jayline’s second year in Advance Drama; she has loved every minute of it. She is currently a Drama 1 teacher assistant and the drama club webmaster. It is Jayline’s senior year, meaning she wanted to get involved with the program as much as possible to give back for everything it’s given her. She would like to thank the fantastic designers, stage managers, actors, and incredible director and teacher, Ms. Heartt, for making this production possible.
Johnny Gutierrez  (Sheriff of Nottingham (Sherwood Cast), Properties)
Johnny is more than grateful and enjoyed having the role of the sheriff in Marian at American Canyon High School. In middle school, he was the stage manager for his winter play, Mirror Mirror, and was the assistant director for his spring play, Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa. He has been taking theater for all 3 years of middle school, making him very dedicated to theater arts. His main goal is to get a job in the entertainment industry, also hoping to make as many friends as he can in his highschool years. He wants to thank his mom and dad for supporting his decisions to take theater arts.
Frankie Arenas (Sheriff of Nottingham (Nottingham Cast), Publicity)
Frankie is delighted to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in American Canyon High School’s production of Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood. You may remember Frankie’s recent roles as a Newsie and the understudy of Joseph Pulitzer in ACHS’ production of Newsies. Before that she had played the role of Rosencrantz in All the World’s a Stage. Frankie is a sophomore at American Canyon High School and has been in Drama for two years now. When she is not acting she enjoys swimming, taking pictures, hiking, guitar, and binge watching TV shows like Gilmore Girls. She also plays for the Water Polo and Swim team. Make sure to check out her instagram @itsfranksszn to learn more about her! Frankie would like to thank her amazing friends for being such a big support on this incredible production and journey.
James Musto (Little John (Sherwood Cast), Set Design Lead)
This is a role that has much more lines than his only other role and he has more screen time than his other role. James recently worked on the one act A Rare Condition as a set designer and played the role of coach matthews. However he has not had a “formal” education into drama. It is more like he comes back each year and take whatever opportunity is given to him. But other than that James just wants to quickly point out his Dad Adam Musto since he helps him out a lot when it comes to set design.
Emanuel Bairan de Luna (Little John (Nottingham Cast), Properties)
Emanuel has worked with the ACHS Drama program with their 2022 Spring Musical, Newsies, as Darcy and a Newsie. He had also performed a song from Newsies, at the Napa Valley Festival. Emanuel is very merry to be a part of Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood. Other than theater, he is apart of dance club as an after-school activity at ACHS. Emanuel would love to give his thanks to his friends and teacher for their full support on his drama journey.
Emily Mortimore (Lady Shirley (Sherwood Cast), Sound Design Lead)
Emily is more than ecstatic to be performing in ACHS’ Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood. She recently played Tommy Boy in ACHS’ Newsies and won an award for Best Sound Design in ACHS’ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. In her spare time, Emily enjoys dancing, music, and film. She would like to take this opportunity to thank her parents and friends for being there when she needed them the most.
Thandi McDonald (Lady Shirley (Nottingham Cast), Hair & Makeup Design)
Thandiwe is thrilled to be a part of American Canyon High School's Marian, or The True Tale. She managed the stage last year during American Canyon High School's production of Newsies. At American Canyon High School, Thandi is presently a senior. Thandi enjoys listening to Taylor Swift's "If This A Movie" for entertainment or obsessing over Aaron Taylor-Johnson. She would like to thank Peyton Perry and Keilah James for being such wonderful friends and for taking the time to hear her.
Noel Nicolas (Prince John (Sherwood Cast), Publicity)
Noel is ecstatic to perform as Prince John in his first Fall production, Marian or the True Tale of Robin Hood, and his third year in the ACHS Theatre Arts as a Junior! Behind the curtains, Noel is part of the Publicity team. He designed the official poster and logo, helped with the trailer, as well as promoting our folkloric spectacle on our program’s social media platforms. You may have seen him perform on stage as Sal in A Rare Condition(Drama 2) of the Winter One Acts 2023, and Challenger 2 in the Winter One Acts 2022’s The Love of Three Oranges(Drama 1). Apart from acting, Noel is an aspiring Graphic Designer, utilizing his skills in Theatre, eager to learn more. In addition, he dreams of becoming an author. Outside of school, He enjoys listening to music, drawing, playing video games, watching his favorite TV shows, and spending time with his friends and family. He also LOVES Pokemon. Follow his IG: @noeuhl. He’d like to shout out his Mum, Dad, Kuya, his cousins Micah & Maia, and his family dog Eevee
James Apuyan (Prince John (Nottingham Cast), Set Design)
James is excited to be a part of the creation of the set and play Prince John in ACHS’s production of Marian, Or the True Tale Of Robinhood. He recently acted in The Love of Three Oranges as Prince Tartaglia, did costumes for The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time, and played Elmer & Bill in Newsies, all shows, which were produced by the ACHS Theater Program. James has been in the Drama Program at ACHS for each of his three years in high school. He likes to act, write, and spend time with his loved ones. His personal life and achievements are displayed on his Instagram account: @jfa317. He would like to thank his parents for supporting him through adversity and long days.
Jillian Egargin (Will Scarlet (Sherwood Cast), Lighting Design Lead)
Jillian is intrigued to be involved in Marian: The True Tale of Robin Hood. She has recently enjoyed performing Newsies for the 2023 Spring Musical in ACHS and Festival Napa Valley. Jillian has been a part of the tech crew for two out of the five shows presentented last year in the drama program and worked on the lighting design for this play. During her free time, she is involved in Dance Club at American Canyon High. Jillian would like to thank her friends for the support they’ve given her.
Emma Gamoras (Will Scarlet (Nottingham Cast), Properties)
Emma is delighted to be a part of ACHS’ Fall play, Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood, playing the role of Will Scarlett (Nottigham Cast) and working as part of the wonderful properties team. Previously, Emma was part of the ensemble for ACHS’ rendition of Newies and previously been cast as an understudy for the character Christopher Boone from the play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Emma has also acted as Knight from an original One Act written by ACHS’ Drama 2 students. She has been in the drama program throughout her high school years and is looking forward to what's next to come. Emma would like to give a special thanks to her friends within the program who make everything better.
Gage Della (Much the Miller's Son (Sherwood Cast), Costume Design)
Gage is looking forward to performing in Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood. Before advanced drama, Gage was in multiple productions in American Canyon Middle School, playing the part of Keith in Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa, and Beast in Mirror Mirror on The Wall. Offstage, Gage is typically found sewing clothes, or playing volleyball. Gage would like to thank their family, friends, and especially the haters for pushing them to work as hard as they do.
Amari Reyes (Much the Miller's Son (Nottingham Cast), Publicity)
Amari is over the moon to perform as Much for Marian or The True Story Of Robinhood. Last year, Amari has worked on All The World’s A Stage as Macbeth, 21 Chump Street as Classmate, and Newsies as ensemble. In Napa High, Amari was in The Secret Garden as Major Holmes. Amari would like to thank their parents very MUCH for always supporting them in their extracurriculars.
Ryan Cooper (Friar Tuck (Sherwood Cast), Publicity)
Ryan is looking forward to participating in his first Advanced Drama production. He recently played Tom in the ACHS theatre production These Shining Lives. Ryan has maintained A’s and B’s throughout middle and high school, and is planning to major in film during college. For fun, Ryan likes to work on his own personal projects which he posts on YouTube at Ryan Films Animation. He wants to thank his amazing family and friends for supporting him throughout the years.
Quinlan Hughes (Friar Tuck (Nottingham Cast), Set Design)
He joined drama his Freshman year and was in The Love of Three oranges along with his friends. He first wanted to do theatre because of his cousin Diego who had been doing drama since he was 14 and is currently 24 years old. Quinlan looks up to him and asks questions about drama. He recently acted in Newsies as Henry. He also acted in 21 Chump Street and These Shining Lives, additionally doing set design for both of those, which is where he found his pride and joy in creating beautiful set pieces that teleport the audience into a different world, where a story can be told, and actors can act. If you’re someone that’s not reading this, here’s a dad joke: I got fired from my job at a bank, a girl asked me to check her balance (So I pushed her).
Izzy Mosing (Tommy of No Consequence (Sherwood Cast), Costume Design)
Izzy is very excited to be playing the part of Tommy of No Consequence in the school production of Marian: The True Tale of Robin Hood. Recently, she has performed in 21 Chump Street as a classmate. Izzy is a sophomore here at American Canyon High School. She participates in clubs and sports such as peer court, FNL, Key club, Water polo, and swimming. She takes part in Sea Scouts and the Napa Youth Council in her free time.
Alanna Williams (Tommy of No Consequence (Nottingham Cast), Sound & Lighting Design)
Alanna is thrilled to be a part of this highly comedic and whimsical show. Alanna has been involved in the arts since early middle school, and hopes to continue that journey by studying film production in college! She has been in Advanced Drama for all four years and is also the Drama Club Secretary. This year she is also a TA for Drama two. In her free time she loves to play guitar,sing, watch her favorite movies, and go thrifting or shopping. She is very indebted to Ms. Heartt and everyone in Advanced drama for making ACHS theatre such a supportive and loving community that she will always love.
Alani Rodriguez (Lady Theo The Punctual (Sherwood Cast), Properties)
Alani is ecstatic to join the cast of "Marian or The True Tale of Robinhood" at ACHS. She joined the theater program her first year and made numerous additional theatrical productions and events in addition to portraying the title role in her debut play, "The Love of Three Oranges." She has always wanted to work as an actress because of the countless chances it provides in many fields. Before learning that theatre was an elective at ACHS, Alani had never shown any interest in this line of work. However, after learning that it was, she decided that she might be able to build a career out of it, and she has indeed begun to do so. She enjoys volunteering for the other performances at ACHS and attending them to become more involved in the theater community. She would want to express her gratitude to everyone who has helped her with her choices, her dog who provides emotional support, and especially her parents who have always inspired her to succeed despite any challenges that arisen on the way. It means the world to her that her parents and her sister support her career and love her no matter what.
Avianna Clark (Lady Theo The Punctual (Nottingham Cast), Costume Design Lead)
Avianna is excited to be a part of Marian or the True Tale of Robin Hood. She’s recently been in Rare Condition as Delia and did Costume Design for both Rare Condition and helped with Newsies as a wardrobe assistant. In middle school, she participated in the spring one-act, Disorder in the Court, as Ms. Scammerton. Over the summer, Avianna attended CSSSA, an art school for the Theatre Division. When Avianna isn’t on stage, she spends time painting, reading, or watching different films. She wants to thank her family and friends for always being there for her in her times of need.
Mistura Bankole (Lady Lenny the Observant/Tanner (Sherwood Cast), Costume Design)
Mistura is thrilled to be participating in her very first production ever in Marian. Being a part of Advanced Drama for the first year has been an exceptional experience, and she looks forward to learning a great deal during her time in this class! Throughout High School, Mistura has been pretty involved in school and her community. She is currently the ACHS Assistant Student Body (ASB) President, and the president of a junior board made up of College students and High School students for a nonprofit organization based in Richmond. On top of that she is the president of the Speech and Debate club as well as AC’s Muslim Student Association. Finally, She would like to thank the incredible and talented individuals whom she is fortunate to work with every day for imparting their knowledge to her to help further her capabilities.
Ayana Arenas (Lady Lenny the Observant/Tanner (Nottingham Cast), Costume Design)
Ayana is very excited to play Lenny as it is her very first role in a show. She is in the 11th grade and is involved in other things besides drama. She really loves music and songwriting and she’s also involved in choir. She wants to thank her family for allowing as well as for investing in her passion for music and art. She also wants to thank all of the teachers who helped her develop a passion for music.
Lory Rulloda (Lucy (Sherwood Cast), Hair & Makeup Design)
Lory is happy to be involved in the Fall play Marian: The True Tale of Robin Hood. She has recently worked in a Winter one-act A Rare Condition as a walk-on role and the hair and makeup lead. In middle school Lory has also participated in Lunchroom as Hair & Makeup Lead. Lory has been involved in the drama program for three years combining ACHS and ACMS. In her free time, Lory enjoys reading and watching movies. She wants to thank her family, friends, and cat for always being there for her.
Kale'a Dacanay (Lucy (Nottingham Cast), Publicity)
Kale’a is thrilled to be a part of Marian, Or the True Tale of Robin Hood, with American Canyon High School. Last school year, she performed in two of AC’s shows, the one-act All the World’s a Stage, playing the role of Modern Theatre Student, and the musical Newsies, playing the role of Woman and Scab 2. Kale’a is also a part of the American Canyon High School Chorus Choir and the section leader of the first sopranos. She wants to thank all of her family and friends for always being there to support her and fueling her passion even more.
Aiyanna Beane (Guard 1 (Sherwood Cast), Costume Design)
Aiyanna has enjoyed working on her first ACHS main stage play, Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood. She is a 10th-grader at Achs, and she is a part of the hair and makeup department. You can find her practicing for wrestling or track and field when she is not at rehearsal. She is a captain for the Wolves girls wrestling team. She would like to thank her parents for always encouraging her to try new things and ensuring she can get the most out of her high school experience.
Katie Marsden (Guard 2 (Sherwood Cast), Publicity Lead)
Katie is incredibly excited to be part of Marian her Senior Year. Previously, she played Earth in Sol Seeker, Leaf’s Mom in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Mrs. Alexander in A Curous Incident of a Dog in the Night-time, and Splasher in Newsies. In addition to acting, Katie has written three original One Act scripts during her time at ACHS (one of which was produced here!) and directed the One Act A Rare Condition. Over the summer, she attended California Summer School of the Arts to study creative writing, and this winter, she competed at Lenaea Highschool Theatre Festival. Outside of Drama, Katie is the President of the Academic Decathlon here at ACHS, and part of ACHS water polo and swim, and a member of the Vallejo Aquatic Club. Katie would like to thank all her family and friends for lifting her up, especially Isabella Marsden and Molly Melanephy.
Journey Beauchamp (Guard 1 (Nottingham Cast), Costume Design)
Journey is excited to be a part of Marian, or The True Tale of Robinhood, playing a guard. You might have recently seen her in Newsies this past spring as Oscar, a dalancey brother, and a bowery beauty. This is Journey’s third year in drama, her second year in advanced drama, and she is now taking musical theater. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends because she feels they bring out the best in her. She would like to thank her parents for picking her up from extracurricular activities and her family, who came to support her.
Indigo Johnson (Guard 2 (Nottingham Cast), Hair & Makeup Design)
Klara Johnson also known as Indigo is very happy to be returning to ACHS theater for her third year in a row. In previous years, she had the role of the musician in “ The Love of Three Oranges” Ms. Shears in “ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” and a makeup artist for Newsies. Indigo plans to continue their work in the theater program for as long as possible. Her passion for the makeup industry shines during the Halloween season when she works as a makeup artist and scare actor for a variety of different haunted houses. She wants to thank her amazing family for supporting her and Ms. Heartt for helping her pursue her passion for theatrical arts.