About Animal Saints & Animal Sinners 3

Witty, eccentric Seattle storytellers Scot Augustson, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, and Bret Fetzer combine for an evening of strange and delightful tales about animals—saints, sinners, and the moral spectrum in-between.


Scot Augustson is an award losing playwright whose dogged persistence in the arts continues to baffle observers. He is the creator of the shadow puppet troupe Sgt Rigsby & His Amazing Silhouettes and the writer of the cult classic Penguinas, which ran as a serial late night show at Annex Theatre for several years. Scot has also been responsible for the Christmas shenanigans at Cafe Nordo these past few years. Just to confuse people Augustson has taken up textile art and is now dabbling in Outsider Quilting. To pay the rent he answers the phone at a natural history museum.

Kelleen Conway Blanchard is a writer with a penchant for the creepy and monstrous side of humanity. Her work has been produced at Annex Theatre, Pony World, Seattle Playwright's Collective, the 14/48 Festival, FringeACT and many others. Her 2012 femme-sploitation women’s prison takeoff Kittens in a Cage received rave reviews and spawned an acclaimed webseries. Her well-received gothic comedy Blood Countess premiered at Annex as did her surreal horror comedy, The Neverborn. Check out her Radio Plays online at Annex and her work as part of the Ugly Radio on Spotify. She has been nominated for Gregory awards four times. Blanchard is constantly generating new work that prominently features strong women and lurid circumstances.

Bret Fetzer has been writing and telling fairy tales for over 25 years; he is currently writing American fairy tales, set in world half Appalachian, half Dust Bowl, with the goal of writing a story for every state in the U.S.  Fetzer is also a playwright both praised (Planet Janet, The Story of the Bull, The Changeling) and panned (the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said his play Mars is a star who defies observation was “not only about torture, it is torture”), as well as a filmmaker (his film of Seattle performer Matt Smith’s My Last Year with the Nuns is available through Amazon Prime). He was the artistic director of Annex Theatre for 7 years and the producer of the late night variety show Spin the Bottle for 17 years. 

18th & Union

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